We Strive to maintain the highest quality levels

  • Increase Packing Efficiency.
  • Lubricated with High Grade SPIN OIL.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Customized Product.

Why Us?

  • . Excellency is in our genes
  • Obsess about the quality of the product
  • Customer is our best strategy of all
  • We strive for the best quality

Our Quality Process

We give top priority to Quality and Precise Packing which ensures adherence to the highest quality standard set by the company

Our Labs are equipped with all sophisticated advanced machines listed as under:
  • Automatic Wrap Reel to measure the correct length of the yarn for Denier count
  • Weighing Balances for yarn: Very accurate, sensitive and installed in glass chamber for subsequent weighing and determination of count
  • Digital Tensile Tester: Microprocessor Base Tensile testing with sophisticated Load cell is installed which gives us accurate Tensile and approx Elongation at Yield of Yarn
  • Sophisticated equipment for online checking of the broken filaments.
  • Twist count machines
  • Microscopes for spinnerets checking
  • Fluidizing bed and ultrasonic Cleaner for Spinnerets cleaning

Quality is our part of the culture,we set Quality checking process in such a way that each and every package is being physically inspected by Quality Assurance dept. Each and every package is being packed by shrink film prior to bulk packing.

Our Goals

We at RAMA POLYTHREAD PVT LTD are committed to produce products conforming to the customers requirements on timely deliveries with continuous efforts towards reducing cost and exceeding customer expectations by continuously improving our quality management system.


To involve all for continual improvement of quality management systems.

Customer Satisfaction

To ensure that the products are produced as per customers requirement.

Time is Money

To ensure delivery of the products to the satisfaction of the customers.

Reduce Turndown

To provide best quality is our catchphrase.